The "Edith"
The Edith was one of two boats used by the Kolb brothers during their 1911-1912 trip through the Grand Canyon. Embarking from Green River, Utah on September 8,1911 the brothers completed their journey on January 18, 1912 in Needles, California. The brothers paused their trip for a month when they reached Bright Angel (close to home for them, as they lived on the South Rim), but resumed their journey on December 19. On Christmas Eve, Emery Kolb, who piloted the Edith (named after his daughter), cracked the boat in Walthenberg Rapid, and the brothers spent Christmas Day replacing the Edith's broken ribs with mesquite. The book "Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico," by Ellsworth Kolb was written as an account of this journey, which the brothers also documented with stills and motion pictures - the latter of which were the first ever produced in the Grand Canyon.
  • Kolb Studio after the 1911 River Trip Kolb Studio after the 1911 River Trip
  • Kolb Brothers, 1912 Kolb Brothers, 1912