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Fremont Cottonwood (Populus fremontii)

191.jpg Desert Cattail (<i>Typhus dominguensis</i>)ThumbnailsMesquite (<i>Prosopis</i> spp.)

Common name: Cottonwood

Scientific name: Populus fremontii

Description: A fast-growing deciduous tree with furrowed gray bark on mature tree parts and light green smooth bark on new stems. Leaves are broad based and roughly triangular, with toothed edges.

Uses: Predominantly used as fuel and for construction. Parts may be processed for use as chewing gum (Apache, Acoma/Laguna, Navajo). Also used for a wide variety of medicinal/ceremonial/symbolic purposes (including hair/textile dyes), in addition to carvings (such as kachina dolls), basketry, and tool parts (esp. handles for lithic blades).

Kimberley A. Ryan, Northern Arizona University Anthropology Laboratories
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