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Wupatki Clovis Point

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Description: Isolated Clovis fluted projectile point found northeast of West Mesa and east of the Citadel Sink in Wupatki National Monument, Arizona. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) identified the the material as Black Tank obsidian, the source of which is located more than 50 miles from Wupatki National Monument.

The images on the left are of the original projectile point material. The images on the right are of the same point "smoked" with ammonium chloride to intensify the flake scars.

Dimensions: 55.4 mm (L) x 27.8 mm (max. W) x 8.8 (max. T). Base width is 25.2 mm with a basal concavity depth of 4.3 mm. Both lateral margins are ground.

Collection: On display at the Wupatki National Monument Visitor Center.

Additional Information: Christian E. Downum (1993) Evidence of a Clovis Presence at Wupatki National Monument. Kiva 58(4):487-494.

Dan Boone/Ryan Belnap, Bilby Research Center, Northern Arizona University
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