CORO_Series03_File04_A.jpg ThumbnailsThe Proposed Memorial Area
Subject: Coronado International Memorial Commission and Committee members visiting the proposed memorial area.

First Row
Odd S. Halseth, Treasurer, Arizona Coronado Commission
Mrs. Foster Rockwell, Vice Chairman, Arizona Coronado Commission
Clinton P. Anderson, Managing Director, US Coronado Commission
Stuart Bailey, Chairman, Arizona Coronado Commission
Hillory A. Tolson, Regional Direction, Region III, NPS
Chas. W. Morgan, Exec. Sec., Arizona Coronado Commission
Dr. Aubrey Neasham, Regional Historian, NPS

Second Row
Mrs. J.W. Macia, Cochise County Chairman, Coronado Commission
Mike M.C. Cue, Secy-Douglas Chamber of Commerce
Chas. Modesette, Bisbee Daily Review
W.E. Clark, Bisbee Committee
R.E. Souers, Bisbee Committee
John Wood, Bisbee Committee

Third Row
G.R. Michaels, Secretary, Bisbee Chamber of Commerce

Date: ca. 1941-1952

Collection: WACC: Chiricahua.
National Park Service
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