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Bone Whistles

TUZI_052113_412.jpg ThumbnailsPolished Bone Tube

Description: Bird bone whistles. The top whistle was made from the ulna of a relatively large bird (possibly a hawk); the nutrient foramen was enlarged, a circular slit was cut for sounding, and then the surface was smoothed. The bottom whistle is also hawk bone (Red-tail or Swainson's), and the middle whistle was made on a turkey's tibiotarsus.

Dimensions: Top-10.8 cm, Middle-9.5 cm, Bottom-3.8 cm.

Collection: On display at the Tuzigoot National Monument Visitor Center (catalog card - top, catalog card - middle, catalog card - bottom).

Ryan Belnap/Monica Saaty, Bilby Research Center, Northern Arizona University
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