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Diorite 3/4-groove Axe

TUZI_052113_093.jpg PickThumbnailsDiorite 3/4-groove Axe

Description: Single bit 3/4-groove axe made of diorite. The axe is polished, but rather coarsely, with fine polishing only at the tip of the blade. The blade tapers 2 cm on each side and to the poll. The widest part is a little above the center of the axe, and the poll is flattened slightly.

Dimensions: L 26.4, W 7.4; Poll W 5.1, L 3.2; Groove W 2.2, D .4; Blade L 21 cm; Weight 3 lb 14 oz.

Collection: On display at the Tuzigoot National Monument Visitor Center (catalog card).

Ryan Belnap/Monica Saaty, Bilby Research Center, Northern Arizona University
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