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Diorite 3/4-groove Axe

TUZI_052113_103.jpg Diorite 3/4-groove AxeThumbnails3/4-groove Axe

Description: Diorite single bit 3/4-groove axe. The blade tapers 2.6 cm on each side and is polished with many irregularities. The face grooves are also polished, but the rounded poll is not. The blade edge is battered and chipped, as is the poll. The groove on the edges of the blade are exceptionally wide and shallow (5.8 x .1 cm), and bears a red stain, possibly from hematite.

Dimensions: L 25.4, W 8.0, H 5.4; Poll L 4.2; Groove W 3.2, D .5; Blade L 17.4 cm; Weight 4.5 lb.

Collection: On display at the Tuzigoot National Monument Visitor Center (catalog card).

Ryan Belnap/Monica Saaty, Bilby Research Center, Northern Arizona University
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