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Sinagua points

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Cultural Period: Ancestral Puebloan/Sinagua

Description: Black point on the left: Obsidian projectile point manufactured in the Sinagua fashion. This point was found across the wash from Wupatki Pueblo. Opaque point on the right: Side-notched chert projectile point manufactured in a Sinagua style. This point was found in the trash on the west side of Wupatki Pueblo.

Dimensions: (black): 2.7L x 1.5W cm (1.06 x 0.59 in); (opaque): 1.3L x 0.6W cm (0.51 x 0.024 in).

Collection: On display at Wupatki National Monument (catalog card 1, catalog card 2).

Dan Boone/Ryan Belnap, Bilby Research Center, Northern Arizona University
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