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Reproduction of Mural Fragment 2

mural2_color.jpg KachinaThumbnailsRoom 4 Mural

Cultural Period: Ancestral Puebloan, Atsinna Pueblo (A.D. 1275 – mid-1300s)

Description: Mural Fragment 2 was painted on the older layer of plaster below Mural Fragment 1. The background might have been plain plaster, and the design is in black, red, white, and yellow paint. The overall layout is y-frame (plaited) with narrow parallel oblique black lines with white and colored fill. Fill designs include opposed sawtooth lines, a triangular scroll with half terrace finial, parallel zigzag lines, opposed fringed triangles, and solid red and yellow triangles. There may be a baseband consisting of a broad solid white line with a thin black outline on top. Likewise, there may have been a top band, also white with a thin black outline.

Provenience: LA 99 (Atsinna Pueblo), RM 4, East Wall.

Collection: National Park Service, El Morro.

National Park Service
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