ELMO00000298_D_3.jpg Bronze Camel Bells, DetailThumbnailsSurveyor's Set
Cultural Period: Historic, Anglo (1848 – 1950)

Description: Set of eight graduated bronze camel bells from the mid-1800s. Each bell is embossed with a variety of animals and engraved. In 1857, the Army experimented with camels for desert transportation, passing along the El Morro route. Learn more on the NPS webpage The U.S. Army Camel Corps (link opens in new window).

Provenience: The bells were acquired by a member of the American Consulate in Isfahan, Iraq, in 1964, from a small local curio shop for the price of $10. A similar set was purchased at the same price for the collection at Fort Davis.

Collection: National Park Service, El Morro.