ELMO00000586.jpg Heshotauthla/Pinedale Polychrome Bowl, Alternate ViewThumbnailsReconstructed Heshotauthla Polychrome Bowl, Alternate View
Cultural Period: Ancestral Puebloan, Atsinna Pueblo (A.D. 1275 – mid-1300s)

Description: Reconstructed Heshotauthla Polychrome bowl with black-on-red interior and white-on-red exterior.

According to Barbara Mills, Professor and Chair of Anthropology at the University of Arizona, this is a typical Heshotauthla Polychrome, with a running design on the outside. Deborah Huntley, of the Center for Desert Archaeology, also identified this bowl as Heshotauthla Polychrome.

Dimensions: H 10.5, DIAM 26.0 CM.

Provenience: LA 99 (Atsinna Pueblo), Rm 4, Upper Fill.

Collection: National Park Service, El Morro.