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Worked Sherds and Vessel Fragments

ELMO00000636.jpg Worked Kwakina Polychrome Bowl Sherds, Alternate ViewThumbnailsWorked Pinedale Black-on-red Jar Neck

Cultural Period: Ancestral Puebloan, Atsinna Pueblo (A.D. 1275 – mid-1300s)

Description: Collection of worked sherds and vessel fragments, including a reconstructed Pinedale Polychrome jar neck and shoulder with flaked and ground edges (10 sherds); a black-on red jar neck ground along the rim edge; a cream-slipped sherd with the curved edge ground; a grayware sherd with the curved edge ground, and a red-on-cream sherd with the curved edge ground.

Provenience: LA 99 (Atsinna Pueblo), Rm 6, Upper fill.

Collection: National Park Service, El Morro.

Randy Sullivan, NPS Digital Team Photographer
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