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Corner-notched Projectile Point

ELMO00000809.jpg Corner-notched Projectile PointThumbnailsSide-notched Projectile Point

Cultural Period: Ancestral Puebloan, Atsinna Pueblo (A.D. 1275 – mid-1300s)

Description: Corner-notched projectile point made on a tan chert with reddish soil or ochre stains; one tang appears broken and the base on the same side appears fractured. According to Ashlee Bailey, Northern Arizona University graduate student in Anthropology, this point resembles Late Archaic, Elko, Basketmaker, and Early Agricultural projectile point forms.

Dimensions: L 4.5, W 2.5 CM.

Provenience: LA 99 (Atsinna Pueblo), RM 1-S, W Cache.

Collection: National Park Service, El Morro.

Randy Sullivan, NPS Digital Team Photographer
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