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ELMO00001175.jpg Bird Bone Awl from Room 10ThumbnailsBone Awl from Room 11

Cultural Period: Ancestral Puebloan, Atsinna Pueblo (A.D. 1275 – mid-1300s)

Description: The catalog lists only three artifacts associated with this catalog number, including a metapodial awl with a modified head on which the spongy tissue is exposed, polish, and a dull point (back); a metapodial awl with slight polish, an unmodified head, a curved outline, and a missing tip (back-center); and a splinter awl manufactured from a bird bone with a broken head and slight polish (front). The brown awl tip pictured front-center is not described in the catalog.

Dimensions: L 8.2, W 1.7, T 1.9 CM (back); L 6.8, W 0.6, T 0.3 CM (back-center); L 5.4, W 1.3, T 0.9 CM (front). No dimensions are available for the brown awl tip pictured front-center.

Provenience: LA 99 (Atsinna Pueblo), RM 11 (Kiva A), Floor.

Collection: National Park Service, El Morro.

Randy Sullivan, NPS Digital Team Photographer
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