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Nearby Homes

11_pic.jpg Room 73, 1930s vs. 2011ThumbnailsBallcourt

The extent of this community is not obvious, but hundreds of small family dwellings surround us forming a cluster. Another cluster exists on the uplands to the west (where you may visit Citadel and Lomaki Pueblos). We don't know if the Wupatki and Citadel communities were autonomous, cooperatives, or competitors.

From this point, you can see two other nearby homes. These sites are not open to visitation.

"We found... all the prominent points occupied by the ruins of stone houses of considerable size... They are evidently the remains of a large town, as they occurred at intervals for an extent of eight or nine miles and the ground was thickly strewed with pottery in all directions." -Journal entry, Sitgreaves Expedition, October 8, 1851

Meghann M. Vance, Northern Arizona University Anthropology Laboratories
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