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Salado Polychromes

TONT_239.jpg Polychrome BowlsThumbnailsGila Red Jar

Description: Large Gila Polychrome bowl, large Tonto Polychrome jar, large Gila Polychrome olla, and small Gila Polychrome bowl.

Dimensions: H 15.0, W 33.0 cm (large bowl), H 5 1/2, Shoulder W 6 1/2 in (small jar), Unknown (olla), H 3 1/8, Diam 6 in (small bowl).

Provenience: Upper Ruin (large jar), Unknown (small jar and small bowl), and Lower Ruin (olla).

Collection: WACC, Tonto National Monument (Catalog No. TONT 930 - large bowl, TONT 201 - small jar, TONT 105 - olla, TONT 203 - small bowl).

Ryan Belnap/Monica Saaty, Idea Lab, Northern Arizona University
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