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Yavapai Carrying Basket, Weave Detail

TUZI_062413_419.jpg Mosaic Pendant, Close-upThumbnailsYavapai Carrying Basket, Rim Detail

Description: Yavapai carrying basket with burden twined warps (0.3 cm diam, 9/2.5 cm, with 7-8 at edge) and wefts (10-12/2.5 cm). The rim selvage consists of warp elements bent over and sewn (6 stitches per 2.5 cm) as a bundle (0.8 cm diam) with a splint about the same size at the weft elements.

Dimensions: 1st piece 3-4.2 x 23.5, Diam. 1.2 cm; 2nd piece-33.7 x 26 cm.

Collection: On display at the Tuzigoot National Monument Visitor Center (catalog card).

Ryan Belnap/Monica Saaty, Bilby Research Center, Northern Arizona University
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