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Fletcher's Backpack, Alternate View

IMG_4221.jpg Fletcher's PackThumbnailsFletcher's Backpack, Denim Pocket

Description: Colin Fletcher's backpack, possibly used during his 1963 hike through the Grand Canyon (if so, it has been re-covered). Personalized after-market additions to the pack include a denim pocket sewn to one of the shoulder straps, a dangling metal clip tied to the upper crossbar of the frame, and some foam padding taped to another crossbar on the frame.

Dimensions: Size large.

Pack Details: Trailwise external, aluminum frame nylon backpack. Forest green in color, with two tan nylon side pockets, black hip belt, and gray shoulder straps. The pack consists of one large central compartment, large front pocket, and four side pockets, all with zippers. There is another zipper pocket on the top lid, which is closed using white plastic buckles. The ventilation panel is made of gray mesh lashed to the frame with nylon cord.

Collection: Grand Canyon National Park (Catalog No. GRCA 112793).

Kai Little, Anthropology Laboratories, Northern Arizona University
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