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Description: Geologic pick, blasting cap tin, and oil lamp with reflector. The pick was collected at Bass Asbestos Mine. The blasting cap tin, also from Bass Asbestos Mine, has raised lettering "California Cap Co./San Fc'o" and iron cross with four x's, as well as a paper label reading "Made by California Cap Co." The lamp was found in Mauv Saddle Camp and consists of a glass base with brass ring, brass wick holder with hinged wick guard, prongs for the chimney, and a holder hanger of black metal.

Dimensions: Lamp - 17.2 cm H by 14.2 cm Diam.

Collection: Grand Canyon National Park (Catalog No. GRCA 19641 - pick; 19468 - tin; and 22054 - lamp).

Kai Little, Anthropology Laboratories, Northern Arizona University
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