Wupatki Pueblo Virtual Trail Guide
Wupatki Pueblo Virtual Trail Guide
Wupatki Pueblo is the largest pueblo in Wupatki National Monument. The pueblo contained more than 100 rooms, a community room or kiva, and a ballcourt. This virtual trail guide mimics the paper trail guide and benchmarks you would experience in person when walking the trail at Wupatki Pueblo. The text derives directly from the Wupatki Pueblo Trail Guide currently used by the National Park Service at Wupatki National Monument. Knowledgeable Hopis feel the proper place name for this area in Nuvaovi (the place of the snow) and the site known today as Wukoki was Wupatki.
  • Door at Crack-in-Rock Pueblo Door at Crack-in-Rock Pueblo
  • Wukoki Pueblo Wukoki Pueblo
  • Summer Monsoon, Citadel Ruin Summer Monsoon, Citadel Ruin
  • Lomaki Area Ruin Lomaki Area Ruin
  • Wukoki Wukoki
  • Summer Monsoon, Wukoki Summer Monsoon, Wukoki