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Boucher's Pack Saddle

IMG_3320.jpg Hopi Bowl, InteriorThumbnailsBoucher's Pack Saddle, Alternate View

Description: Partial wooden pack saddle with metal reinforcements and leather straps. Found on the Boucher (Hermit) Trail in 1948 by Merrill Clubb, who noted: "This must undoubtedly be L[oius] B[oucher]'s very own pack saddle. It was about half way between the bottom of the Redwall and his cabin -- right by his trail. This should be the Kaabab (sic) of all trail men. B's trail is almost incredible as the work of one man."

Dimensions: Unknown.

Collection: Grand Canyon National Park (Catalog No. GRCA 20841).

Kai Little, Anthropology Laboratories, Northern Arizona University
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