Grapevine Brown

Grapevine Brown sherds. Click the image to open the Grapevine Brown gallery.

Grapevine Brown in a type of Alameda Brown Ware limited in distribution to the east side of Anderson Mesa in northern Arizona.

Archaeological Culture: Sinagua

Date Range: A.D. 1150-1350.

Construction: Paddle and anvil.

Firing: In a reducing atmosphere.

Core Color: Dark brown to black; oxidizes orange in kiln.

Temper: Moderate to abundant rounded white grains of limestone; basalt ash (typically not more than 20%).

Surface Finish: No slip; the bowls are often smudged.

Surface Color: Brown.

Forms: Bowls and jars.

Decoration: None.

Comparisons: Similar to other contemporary Sinagua Brown Ware types but differs in having limestone temper.


  • Grapevine Red – Same as Grapevine Brown, but with a red slip.
  • Grapevine Smudged – Same as Grapevine Brown, but smudged (bowls only).

Compiled from the following sources:
Colton, Harold. (1958) Pottery Types of the Southwest. Museum of Northern Arizona Ceramic Series No. 3D. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Compiled by:
April Peters, Northern Arizona University Anthropology Laboratories.