Salado Red

Salado Red bowl. Click the image to open the Salado Red gallery.

Salado Red is the only undecorated type of Roosevelt Red Ware.  This type is found primarily in the Roosevelt Basin, Arizona.

Archaeological Culture: Salado

Date Range: A.D. 1250-1450.

Construction: By coiling.

Firing: In an oxidizing atmosphere.

Core Color: Gray to black, tan to brick-red.

Temper: Diabase-rich sand, occasionally ground sherds.

Surface Finish: Smoothed, coils obliterated or unobliterated; bowl interiors smudged and polished; jar neck interiors smudged and polished.

Surface Color: Red (occasionally brown or black exteriors from fireclouds and over-firing).

Forms: Bowls, jars, mugs, effigies.

Decoration: No painted decoration. The “slip” is a hematite wash.

Comparisons: Gila Red and Salt Red, which were made by paddle-and-anvil. Tonto Red and Tonto Corrugated are less finely made, with larger coils.


  • Salado Corrugated – the same as Salado Red, except indented corrugated.
  • Salado White-on-red – the same as Salado Red, except with the addition of simple white painted designs.

Comments: Lyons and Clark (2012:30) do not consider Salado Red or its variants to be Roosevelt Red Ware.

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Compiled by:
Meghann M. Vance, Northern Arizona University Anthropology Laboratories.