462 – Panel C

Panel C is the longest panel at WACA 462, and a difficult one to photograph. While there may have been a dark desert varnish coating on this panel when the petroglyphs were originally created, it has since disappeared, making it difficult to see the petroglyphs due to a lack of contrast. Take a look at the 3D model below, zoom in as close as you can, and see how many you can spot. Most of these are pecked petroglyphs, likely created by the Sinagua. If you look very carefully a bit more than one-third from the right, you may spot a neatly-inscribed “US” on the right side, a historic inscription. Move on to the “462 – Panel C – In A Different Light” and “462 – Panel C – A Closer Look” pages for additional advanced computational photographic visualizations that will let you see more of what’s present on the panel.