WACA 180 – Pai Pictographs

Located in an alcove of the Kaibab Formation, above a narrow ledge that is difficult to access, these red pictographs consist of a few human-shaped figures (anthropomorphs), as well as geometric shapes. Stylistically, they do not appear to be similar to rock images created by the Sinagua cliff dwellers, and there are no artifacts associated with them that could be used to determine the culture that made them. Some have suggested similarities to rock images known to have been created by the Pai or Apache cultures of the area.

One of the figures at this site appears to be a human figure with his upper body (head, torso and arms) visible, but his legs not present. This has been suggested to represent a figure crawling out of the rock face, half in, half out.

For another view of the panel that brings out additional details, go to the “180 – A Closer Look” page.