Cliff White-on-red

Cliff White-on-red is a type of Roosevelt Red Ware found in southern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona.

Archaeological Culture: Salado

Date Range: A.D. 1390-1450

Construction: By coiling and scraping.

Firing: In an oxidizing atmosphere.

Core Color: Brick-red, tan, gray to black.

Temper: Moderately abundant fine water-worn sand.

Surface Finish: Well-polished, interior and exterior.

Surface Color: Red exterior, painted; smudged interior.

Forms: Recurved bowls; occasionally semi-flaring incurved and semi-flaring hemispherical bowls.


  • Paint: White over red slip.
  • Pigments: Red: hematite, white: kaolin.
  • Design: Exteriors painted; interiors smudged; designs painted with fairly wide lines or combination of wide and narrow lines; large solid motifs common, including bird wings, cross-hatching, checkerboards, negative elements, and parrots; layouts, from top to bottom, include a wide banding line below the rim, an unpainted zone, and a banded zone of decoration often marked at the upper boundary with a framing line with pendant motifs; thin lines with pendant dots uncommon.

Comparisons: Gila White-on-red, which was made by paddle-and-anvil , has lustrous striations from pattern-polishing, and thin line designs. Salado White-on-red is an obliterated corrugated type with designs similar to Gila White-on-red rather than Cliff White-on-red. Tularosa White-on-red is the most similar to Cliff White-on-red, but retains two to four unobliterated indented neck coils, has narrow painted lines, and has a predominance of interlocking rectangular frets and/or stepped motifs and general lack of solid and negative motifs and banding lines.

Compiled from the following sources:
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Compiled by:
Meghann M. Vance, Northern Arizona University Anthropology Laboratories.