Tuzigoot Plain

Tuzigoot Plain bowl, Tuzigoot National Monument. Click the image to open the Tuzigoot Plain gallery.

Tuzigoot Plain is an Alamada Brown Ware type found in the Middle Verde Valley, Arizona.

Archaeological Culture: Sinagua

Date Range: A.D. 1150-1400.

Construction: By paddle and anvil.

In an oxidizing atmosphere at low temperatures; jar exteriors usually oxidized and carbon is often not entirely burned out of the core.

Core Color: Gray, red, brown; often carbon impregnated.

Carbon Streak: Yes.

Temper: Very fine quartz sand with sparse to medium amounts of white, gray, tan, red, brown, or black inclusions.

Surface Finish: Smooth, sometimes polished; slightly bumpy; scraping marks are sometimes present.

Surface Color: Buff, reddish brown, brown, or black.

Forms: Jars and bowls.

Vessel Thickness: 6 to 9 mm.

Decoration: None.

Comparisons: Verde Brown has quartz and feldspar temper.

Compiled from the following sources:
Colton, Harold. (1958) Pottery Types of the Southwest. Museum of Northern Arizona Ceramic Series No. 3D. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Compiled by:
Meghann M. Vance, Northern Arizona University Anthropology Laboratories.