WACA 500 – Faint Traces

The best-known rock image sites are those that have many elements that are easy to see. But for each of those kind of sites, there may be many more sites with only a few elements, and they may be difficult to spot. WACA 500 is such a site. Located in a long Kaibab Formation alcove above the canyon floor, there are only a few hard-to-spot pictographs visible here. Can you find them in this 360-panorama view? They’re pretty tough to see unless you know exactly where to look. If you can’t find them, go on to the 3D model below, where their location is highlighted.

Because of their condition, their cultural affiliation is uncertain, but they may have been made by one of the Pai cultures of Northern Arizona. Click on the number in the 3D model to zoom to the pictographs – how many can you see now?

One way to make the pictographs more visible is to use special software that enhances the pictograph colors. The first image below is a closeup of the pictographs without enhancement. Use the arrow controls at lower left to go to an enhanced version of the same image, which makes the pictographs far easier to see.

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