Tsegi Red-on-orange

Tsegi Red-on-orange sherds. Click the image to open the Tsegi Red-on-orange gallery.

Tsegi Red-on-orange is a type of Tsegi Orange Ware found in Klethla Valley, the Tsegi canyons, and Nokai Canyon in Navajo County, Arizona.

Archaeological Culture: Ancestral Puebloan

Date Range: A.D. 1200 to 1300.

Construction: By coiling and scraping.

Firing: In an oxidizing atmosphere.

Core Color: Gray, light brown to brick-red .

Carbon streak: Fairly common.

Temper: About equal amounts of quartz sand and crushed sherd; temper noticeable on surfaces, sometimes conspicuous, especially on worn or polished surfaces.

Surface Finish: Sometimes slightly bumpy, compacted, and frequently polished.

Surface Color: Orange; surface color and core contrast when core is gray.

Forms: Bowls.

Vessel Thickness: 4.6 to 8.3 mm; average about 6 mm.


  • Paint: Red.
  • Pigments: Hematite.
  • Design: Interior solid red areas and broad stripes; exterior frequently has a red stripe encircling vessel.

Compiled from the following sources:
Colton, Harold S. (1956) Pottery Types of the Southwest. Museum of Northern Arizona Ceramic Series No. 3. Flagstaff, Arizona

Compiled by:
April Peters, Northern Arizona University Anthropology Laboratories.